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|LS|mee-see-nuh s, mahy-|RS|

Caius Maecenas born between 74 BC and 64 BC. Roman Statesman.
His name is the symbol of the wealthy, generous patron of the arts.

Feel like that too?

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Become Maecenas include 

- Art Work Updates/Catalogs
- Guest List VIP Invitations for Openings
- 20% off your next online Artwork Aquisition
- Online Fine Art Download Access

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Make a Maecenas XXL donation.
For those who Join the club: 
There is a Unique Passe Par Toute Print ready 
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Direct Funding

An other great way to support my projects

Already Funded (in €uro)

On average the production of a Fine Art Project cost around € 5000 - 10000.
Participating an Artshow between € 2500 - 6500.

Select any of the -mostly returing- cost and cover the expence.
This enables me to continue development and ...
Credit line with in artwork 

You join the club Instantly.
For Maecenas XXL donations there is a little extra and I have a Unique Passe Par Toute Print ready.

Full Fine Art Project

Avarage Cost €10.000

1/2 Fine Art Project

Avarage Cost €5.000

Artshow Participation

Avarage Cost €4.500

Buy me a ticket ((ntercontinental)

Avarage Cost €1.000

Buy me a ticket ((Europe)

Avarage Cost €500

Pay my shipping

Avarage Cost €650

Pop up Gallery

Avarage Cost €4500

Fine Art Photo Book

Avarage Cost €1500

Studio space.

Avarage Cost €1350

Artist Proof Proces

Avarage Cost €850

Print Test Pilot

Avarage Cost  €150

Shooting Materials

Avarage Cost € 250

Flashlight Equipment

Avarage Cost € 1250

High End Camera Set

Avarage Cost € 550

Project Foodporn Diaries

Avarage Cost € 3750


A donation will help me continuing.